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Effective 2023, Lindsey Fox will only offer coaching services through Conscious Healers, LLC.

CBT Wellness Center will be transitioning into a counseling center for cognitive-behavioral therapy at the end of 2023. Therapy is not available at this time.

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Change Your Mind. 

Change Your Future.

Your Life, Reimagined

In an effort to support clients make breakthroughs, CBT Wellness Center has created a holistic wellness approach that is both belief- and behavior-based. It addresses person-centered skill set as well as the mindset. We believe in providing an oasis for urban lives to pause, to reflect, to tune in to their own greatness, so that they can regroup for their next leap forward.

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What does CBT Wellness Center do?

Lindsey Fox, MA - Lifestyle Consultant

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands and how to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, my virtual coaching services aim to introduce clarity, self-motivation, and mindfulness by incorporating a holistic mind + body, cognitive behavioral approach. As a Masters-level, license-eligible clinician and certified cognitive-behavioral life coach, I have been successfully providing services to clients, and facilitating their self-growth since 2018. In addition, I have been studying disaster psychology and the effects it has on public health since 2006. 

My services require a highly engaged and collaborative approach with the identified coaching client. All coaching services offered by CBT Wellness Center utilizes components of the cognitive behavioral model because research shows this approach can quickly help you identify and cope with specific challenges. Through cognitive behavioral coaching, you will learn CBT-informed techniques and distress tolerance skills to better manage the stress that comes with everyday life transitions, including but not limited to how to navigate today's "new normal" both personally and professionally.

CBT-informed coaching applies the techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in a *non-therapeutic way to the problems of every day life, enabling individuals to rapidly and efficiently reach their personal development and career goals.

*CBT Wellness Center does not diagnose or treat mental health conditions. Coaching services are not designed to replace or substitute mental health services.

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You've helped me recognize something so much deeper, and it's my true determination to build my practice in a way I can feel really truly solidly proud of.

Maggie A. 
Business Development

Having never had a Life Coach before, I was nervous about finding the right one. I began my journey by expressing relationships and career-oriented goals that felt impossible to achieve. Speaking to Lindsey is like receiving a warm hug and after every session, I felt much more calm and free of worry, like I could actually accomplish the goals we set. Slowly but surely, I did the work and was able to establish a lifestyle that worked for me. A knowledgable, wise, caring, judgement-free Life Coach is what I was looking for and she exceeded those expectations. I could not recommend her enough!

Jenny A.
Personal + Professional Development

I tend to get in my own way and have struggled with co-parenting for years. Lindsey taught me how to co-parent in an effective way that has made me more responsive and less reactive. I can always count on Lindsey to hold me accountable for hitting my goals. I love her authentic and genuine approach to life.

Mike M.
Personal Development

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The Help Center

What are your fees?

Discover Your Greatness: $165*

- This required intake appointment lasts up to 90 minutes for the Lifestyle Consultant and client to collaborate on identifying the client's strengths, hopes, needs, and overall goodness of fit for services. 

*Required Intake Process

Individual Sessions: $150*

- We will dedicate 50 minutes toward solution-focused coaching to meeting optimal treatment outcomes for goals identified during the Discover Your Greatness Session.

*Sliding scales are available for Individual Sessions to eliminate financial barriers that may hinder the ability to receive support and achieve optimal outcomes.

What is coaching?

Best stated by Coach Tony Robbins: Life coaching is designated to help ambitious people proactively get more done. By addressing personal and professional problems, life coaches are able to clarify goals and focus on breaking patterns that are causing their clients to get stuck on their paths to success. Life coaching provides guidance by helping clients: 

✓ Clarify and achieve personal and professional goals

✓ Create business plans

✓ Work to improve communication skills

✓ Achieve financial independence and security

✓ Achieve a work/life balance

✓ Start a new business or growing a current business

Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is not a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions.

What are your credentials?

I have a Masters degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology with a specialty in cognitive-behavioral therapy and more than 3000 post-degree contact hours of providing trauma-informed therapeutic interventions with clients; however, I do not practice as, or pretend to be a licensed mental health professional.

I am a Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Life Coach through Transformation Academy. Coaching services are based on knowledge, skills, and abilities learned through personal and professional life experience.

Do you accept health insurance?

No. All services are private pay. Services provided by CBT Wellness Center do not diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions. Services are not based on a healthcare perspective.

If the goodness of fit review determines your needs are best suited for a licensed mental health professional, the Lifestyle Consultant ('Coach') will label this need and encourage the client to seek professional mental health services.

How do I book a Session?

Fill out the Schedule a Session form shown at the bottom of the Homepage. You will receive a follow-up call within 24 hours to schedule your Intake Session.

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Investing in yourself sends a powerful message to yourself and the world. The message is: 
The value and potential that I possess, is important enough to me that I’m going to give it the energy, space and time to grow and create results.

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Effective 2023, Lindsey Fox will only offer coaching services through Conscious Healers, LLC.

CBT Wellness Center will be transitioning into a counseling center for cognitive-behavioral therapy at the end of 2023. Therapy is not available at this time.

If you want to book an appointment with a coach, go to


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